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sodium alginate
Guar gum
guar gum guar gum
Colour - light to dark brown free flow powder.  
Particle - 100% passing 40 mesh
Ionic nature - Anionic
Viscosity - As per clients requirement.
Moisture - Less than 12%
P H - 6 - 8
Ash - 25 - 30%
Insoluble in water - Less than 0.3%. in 300 mesh filter cloth on vaccum filtration in lab.
  • Sodium Alginate is mainly used for textile printing and as food additive.
  • We are distributer of Sodium Alginate in south Gujarat, India, and We have food grade alginate which is applied as stablizer for ice cream replacing starch, guar and gelatin. It can also be used into fine dried noodles, pastas, rice noodles, as texture additive and for more cohesiveness. It has wicle application right from fruit drinks, packaged milk drinks, salad dressings, pudding, tomato sauce and frozen canned food, etc.
  • We can supply food / Textile/ welding / oil well drilling grade sodium alginate according to buyer's specific requirement.
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