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guar gum

Textile Printing Thickeners

  Textile Printing Thickeners are based on chemically modified combination thickeners. They are generally blend of two to five different thickeners based on guar, tamarind, alginate, starch & modified acrylic thickeners. They are blend in such a way so as to have better performance than a single product does it alone. These thickeners have their own properties to produce better brilliancy, colour value, leveling, easy wash off and excellent filterability. They are available to print fabric on polyester, cotton, viscose, nylon, silk, acrylic and their blends.  
Cold Water Soluble Printing Thickener
  Item Code: PROTHIKCW8
PROTHIK CW8 is thickener for printing on polyester fabric with disperse dyes. It is cold water soluble tamarind base gum thickener. PROTHIK CW8 is principally carboxy methylation chemistry with add on specialty chemistry which outstands in market for its printing quality with no chok ups and better shades.
Guar Gum For Textile Printing
  Item Code: PROTHIKTS20
PROTHIK TS20 is based on modified tamarind and low viscosity guar gum derivation. It is suitable to print on flat bed and rotary printing machine. It is used for printing polyester, nylon and acrylic fabrics with their suitable dyestuff.
Cold Water Tamarind Gum
  Item Code: PROTHIKAT80
PROTHIK AT80 is cold water soluble thickener based on tamarind gum derivative. It is medium viscosity product that produces better coverage and is cost effective. It is used for printing on polyester, nylon, acrylic and silk fabrics.
Carboxy Methyl Starch Thickener
PROTHIK CMS is starch ether. Its an anionic thickener with basic derivation of carboxy methylation. In general term, it is known as carboxy methyl starch. PROTHIK CMS is better in quality than regularly available starch ether in terms of viscosity, filterability and its printing results.
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